Synthetic Capstan Winch Rope Fairey Aeroparts


    28m (approx 100 foot) of synthetic 16 plait ¾” Capstan Winch rope for Aeroparts and Fairey Capstan Winches as fitted to Land Rovers. This is the closest rope we can buy today, to the recommendation in the Fairey Winches LTD, Capstan Winch handbook. It has a breaking strain of 7 tonnes.

     These ropes are of the finest quality and is now fitted with thimble and hook.. The colour of the fleck within the rope cannot be stated and is dependent on stock availability.

    Always wear gloves when handling this rope and we recommend that before using this product, you receive full training in its use and the use of your capstan winch. We accept no liability for any injuries caused by using this product.


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