Rear Door Table System for Defender TD5/Puma

    Rear Door Table System for Defender TD5/Puma.

    Our ‘Rear Door Table system’ is a heavy duty drop down Stainless Steel table that provide a safe and sheltered area for cooking, but also stores our ‘Stainless Steel Rear Prep Table’.

    Our ‘Rear Door Table System’ is designed to replace the rear door card on the one piece steel rear doors fitted to TD5/Puma Defender Land Rovers. The ‘Rear Door Table System’ door card is manufactured from 3mm Aluminium and powder coated gun metal grey. The drop down table is CAD designed by us and manufactured from .9mm 304 Stainless steel. The Hinges are all manufactured for us from 304 stainless steel and the rivets are copper.

    To complete the ‘Rear Door Table System’ we also manufacture a ‘Molle Rear Door Window Guard’ panel. Also manufactured from 3mm aluminium and powder coated gun metal grey to match the ‘ Rear Door Table System. The ‘Molle Rear Door Window Guard’ provides a visual deterrent to folk breaking into your Defender, increased security and a great place to mount important equipment.

    The ‘Rear Door Table System’ is designed and manufactured in the UK.

    The rear wiper will have to be removed if fitted and your rear door handle will also need modifying to Land Rover Series 2a Station Wagon specification, as show in the pictures.

    Sorry for the poor images. I will upgrade these over the next few days. All accessories and our gear show in the pictures are not included with the ‘Rear Door Table system’, but many are available to purchase separately. Please do explore our website. We are trying to update the site as fast as time allows, so please contact us if you cannot find an item you would like further information on.

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