Manilla Capstan Winch Rope Fairey Aeroparts

    Due to demand from customers, We now supply these ropes with a fitted hook

    25.3m (27.5 yards, 82.5 foot) of 3/4" (20mm) Natural Manila Capstan Winch rope for Aeroparts and Fairey Capstan Winches as fitted to Land Rovers. We have done extensive research, but have been unable to find a written specification for natural ropes on the above winches. Ridged bollard capstans are designed to use twisted natural rope and during our unscientific tests, at the Land Rover Series 2 Club International Rally, natural rope offered far more control than synthetic ropes. All of the 3 strand twisted synthetic ropes tested were damaged during our tests by the friction on the winch bollard. From information gathered from enthusiasts who have used these Capstans for work and pleasure, we have concluded that this is the correct natural rope for these winches.

    Fairey Winches do recommend that a ¾” 16 plait polyester rope is used and we also supply this type of rope, but all modern capstans, that use this rope, have smooth bollards.

    This Manila rope is the best quality and strongest natural rope available and is the correct size for use on the above winches. The rope has a breaking strain of 3.25 tonnes when new. The rope is oiled, but being a natural produce, its strength will deteriorate if it is not looked after and is allowed to rot.

    Always wear gloves when handling this rope and we recommend that before using this product, you receive full training in its use and the use of your capstan winch. We accept no liability for any injuries caused by using this product.


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