Lifos 105Ah Lithium Phosphate Battery

    As the flagship in the Lifos range, the Lifos 105 is the only choice where maximum power, minimal weight and longest cycle life are critical. Designed in UK, to specifically to work with all charging systems and specifically off-grid with solar panels, the Lifos range incorporates an advanced Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS has been specifically design to overcome the issues associated with trickle charge from solar panels significantly shortening the life span of standard LifePO4 batteries. The Lifos 105AH batteries are constructed using the very best prismatic cells – four per battery, each interconnected using conductor plates mechanically fixed to each cell. This construction method is far more reliable that the typical lithium battery cell construction using 48 (or more) 18650 tubular cells, each of which generally has a solder interconnection. Basic electronics teaches us that the more connections we make in a circuit the higher the potential for failure. Add in the frailty of solder connections and it becomes clear why Lifos is now regarded as one of the most reliable, high performing LifePO4 batteries for off road vehicles. The Lifos 105 provides quick charging reliable power in all circumstances. The Lifos 105 provides an amazing 2750 charge / discharge cycles with a 95% depth of discharge giving a usable battery capacity of 99.75Ah. To replace this, a 200Ah lead acid battery would be needed but instead of weighing in at nearly 60kgs, the Lifos 105 is a featherweight 11.9kgs. Lifos 105 can be connected with four batteries in series or parallel if a power bank is needed and each battery's internal BMS ensures all the lithium cells are perfectly balanced to give outstanding and reliable performance. Fitted with a Bluetooth app, you can keep abreast of the vital information at all times when connected to an Android or Apple smart device. Information such as current, voltage, power (w) and state of charge can be interrogated at any time and the smart operating system even send you a warning well before the battery gets to a low state of discharge giving plenty of time to get it recharged. Features Lightweight & compact design 5 year product warranty Free Bluetooth App Built in battery management system (BMS) Fast charging Long life Removable connection posts Expert support Technical Specification Electrical Specifications Nominal Voltage 12.8v Nominal Capacity 105Ah Energy 1344Wh Resistance <15m? Efficiency >90% Self Discharge <3% per month Maximum Batteries in series 4 Maximum Batteries in parallel 4 Mechanical Specifications Dimensions inc Terminals 328 x 177 x 217.5mm Weight 11.9Kg Terminal Type Coper Pole M8 Terminal Torque <10N.m Case Material ABS UL94V-0+PC IP Rating IP54 Cell Type (Chem) LiFePO4 Charge Specifications Recommended charge current 20A - 50A Maximum charge current 100A BMS charge current cut off >100A Recommended Charge Voltage 14.4v - 14.6v BMS Charge Voltage Cut OFF 3.75v+/- 0.025v/cell Composition Information Max Continuous Discharge Current 120A (30 mins) Peak Discharge Current 120A-150A (3 mins) BMS Discharge Current Cut Off >150A (6s) BMS High Temperature Cut Off 50ºC charge/60ºC Discharge Low Voltage Disconnect >11.2v Reconnect Voltage >12.8 Short circuit protection >700A Temperature Specifications Discharge Temperature -20~60ºC Charge Temperature 0~50ºC Storage Temperature -20~40ºC PCM High Temperature Cut-Off 85ºC +/- 5ºC Compliance Specifications Certifications CE ZRLK ROHS TUV Shipping Classification MSDS UN38.3 Warranty Five year warranty

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