Land Rover Camp Fire Tripod

    This is our version of the traditional camp fire tripod and has been manufactured specifically for the Land Rover enthusiast. The tripod stands 6 foot high, but is made in two sections to allow the folded tripod to fit into the rear tub of any 88/90" and 109/110" Land Rover.

    The legs are manufactured out of 10mm round bar, with the centre leg made longer to allow it to be pushed into the ground to stabalise the tripod.  The camp fire tripod is fitted with a hook, manufactured out of 6mm round bar,lomg enough to allow you to easy adjust the height chain. The chain is also fitted with a hook, again manufactured from 6mm bar, large enough to support all types of pan and kettle handles.

    Tripods are supplied self-colour. Fire pit and Dutch over are not included, but are available from our store.

    Save money on postage by purchasing several products at the same time. Our maximum carriage charges are £9.95.

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