L. R. Bits MiniMax Stove

    The L. R. Bits MiniMax Stove is the ultimate collapsible gas stove, designed to boil the smallest coffee pot, and cook a delicious English breakfast in your largest frying pan, yet can be easily stowed in the L. R Bits load bed lockers.  The L. R. Bits MiniMax Stove collapses down, so two stoves packing down to 16cm x 14cm x 8cm, including the two burners.

    The MiniMax stove is CAD designed and manufactured by us from 304 Stainless steel. The MiniMax uses the tried and tested Trangia Type gas burner, which allows all year round use in all weather conditions. The internal windshield have two positions to allow coffee pots/pans as small as 9cm to be safely boiled in the narrow position and pans as big as 38cm can be safely used in the wide position.

    The L. R. Bits MiniMax Stoves are supplied with extended fuel pipes to allow the gas canisters to be stowed well away from the cooking area. Our EN417 Gas Cartridge Holder is ideal for storing Cartridges safely and securely. With in-built swivels, in the gas regulators can be fitted and removed without removing the canisters from the L. R. Bits EN417 Gas Cartridge Holder.

    The L. R. Bits MiniMax Stove is supplied with a drawer string bag

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