L. R. Bits Lifting Bed for Drivelodge Roof

    Upgraded Lifting Bed for Drivelodge Defender Pop Top Roof

    In response to customer feedback, we have upgraded our lifting bed by replacing the rear bed board insert with a ‘Rear Lifting Bed Panel’. Our new ‘Rear Lifting Bed Panel’ has been designed to be very simple to use. The panel includes a drop down trap door, to allow access to push the pop top roof up and allow access to pull in the canvas when lowering the roof.

    After a long days driving, it is important to be able to set up quickly and get to bed. The L. R. Bits Lifting Bed for the Drivelodge Roof allows bedding to be left out all of the time, but cleverly lift it out of the way to give full access to the living area. The L. R. Bits Lifting Bed for the Drivelodge Defender Pop Top Roof solves the problem of where to store bedding, whilst travelling, and avoids having to move it to use the living area during the day. The bed board is manufactured using 19mm Birch plywood and the same trim carpet as used in the Drivelodge Defender Pop Top Roof. The main bed board is lifted by pneumatic gas rams and a purpose designed hinge panel lifts the bed board to give maximum head height within the vehicle. The bed panel has been designed to allow sufficient space when lowered to allow the canvas sides to be pulled in as the roof is lowered. To give the maximum bed length, a separate ‘Rear Lifting Bed Panel’ is also raised on gas rams. This is lowered once you have climbed into bed to give a total length of 2350mm (7’ 8”) and a width of 1100mm (3’ 8”)

    Please do give us a call if you need any further information on this product or any of our other products.

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