Explorer Land Rover Style Camp Firepit & BBQ

    Explorer LR Camp Fire & BBQ Want to enjoy a real campfire and cook in the great outdoors, with minimal impact on the ground and with minimum smoke? The Explorer LR Camp Fire & BBQ is designed to do this and to work equally well at home or on expedition, Simplicity of use and quality manufacture is at the heart of everything we design. It has been designed to be; •The Explorer LR Camp Fire & Set up quickly, as simple to assemble. •Be very sturdy when assembled •Burn with minimum smoke •Utilise the airflow to minimise heat impact on the ground •Cook at two different heights •Fit Bedourie Camp Ovens and other large Dutch Ovens •Have the Iconic styling of the Land Rover Series •Pack away quickly, into it’s own sturdy heavy duty wallet. BBQ is manufactured from high quality, 304 stainless steel. It can be used as a BBQ, camp fire or as a firepit. Can be left outside in all weather and then washed in a stream or in the dish washer, if you’re not feeling that adventurous. The Explorer LR Camp Fire & BBQ was not only designed to work very well, but also been designed to look good. The Land Rover Series 1 is an icon of British Engineering and was the first car seen by over 70% of the worlds developing populations. The Explorer LR Camp Fire is designed by us in Yorkshire using Solidworks 3d CAD and precision laser cut just over the Pennines in Lancashire. The Heavy Duty Wallet is manufactured in Yorkshire and carries the “Made in Britain” logo. The Explorer LR Camp Fire is designed to be large enough to cook for a family of 4-6 and works exceptionally well with a Bedourie Camp Oven. It can take logs up to 30cm long. It can be used with firewood sustainably sourced locally, dry logs , loose charcoal and charcoal Briquettes. The assembled dimensions are; 42cm long, 39cm wide and 32cm high The packed away dimensions are, 43cm long, 42cm wide and 5cm high. The Explorer LR Camp Fire and BBQ weighs in at 6.5kgs. We also make the Explorer VW Camp Fire & BBQ in the shape of the iconic VW camper. Both versions of the Explorer Camp Fire & BBQ use the same internal parts. We aim to stock all spare parts for Explorer Camp Fire and BBQ ‘s. To provide you with ongoing support, so you can enjoy years of cooking and relaxing around your Explorer Camp Fire and BBQ. Please do contact us if you need any further information on the Explorer Camp Fire & BBQ or any of our other products.

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