Drivelodge Lifting Roof for Land Rover 90

    The Land Rover Defender has been the workhorse of choice around the world for decades. So why not add a Drivelodge Roof, this allows you to easily stand up in your Defender, and if you choose to have bed boards, you can sleep in it too. When you fit Drivelodge roof to your Land Rover Defender 90, quality is guaranteed. This roof has the following features: Slimline profile, in keeping with the design of the vehicle. Have no bolts coming through the roof. Not only does this give the roof a much better, smoother look, but also stops any chance of leaks. Stainless Steel hinges, means you will never have to worry about corrosion with a Drivelodge Roof. Single piece box section frame. As with all our roofs, we like to go over and beyond what is necessary when safety is concerned. All our reinforcing frames are made from box section and mount to the vehicle in various places to make sure the vehicle is as strong as possible. As with all Drivelodge Roofs, the roof comes with a 5-year Warranty meaning you have peace of mind knowing you will have trouble free camping for the next 5 years. Drivelodge pride themselves on providing quality products, with quality checks all the way through the production process, guaranteeing you will end up with a quality product. 

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