Carawagon Front Tool Box, Lights in Wings

    Galvanised Front Tool Box as used on post 1968 Land Rover Carawagons

    We have reproduced these tool boxes using original Carawagon items as patterns. They are manufactured from the same high quality materials and hot dipped galvanised as were the original items. They were originally designed to be bolted to the bumper and chassis. They are designed to allow Jerry Can holders to be fitted either side.  These high quality Carawagon tool boxes were designed to cope with extended expedition/overland use and are fitted with the original type hasp and turn buckle, which allows the Carawagon Tool box to be locked. These original items are now becoming rare and prices increasing. We have unfortunately had to pass on these increases prices.The photo above show them correctly fitted to a Carawagon.

    The Carawagon in the photo is one we have saved from the crusher and is going to be restored for our own use. It is the wrong Carawagon for this tool box as the Jerry can holders cover the lights. This tool box and jerry can holders are for lights in wing models.

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    We do our best to keep all galvanised products in stock, but because of minimum order charges at the Galvanisers, we can occasionally be waiting to manufacture enough products to send for dipping. If there is going to be a delay in shipping your purchase, we will contact you with an estimated delivery date. If you are unhappy with this date, we will refund you immediately.

     Carawagon Toolbox showing chassis support


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