Bungee Snake small 6mm Shock Cord 4 Pack

    Bungee Snake Large 6mm Shock Cord, 80cm long. 4 Pack As soon as you hold it in your hand, 1,000 uses will come to mind. You can use it over and over again. When gusts of wind tears at your tent/awning you will notice how smart the BUNGEE-SNAKES are. They function like shock absorber against the wind. They are probably the best fastening system you have ever held in your hand. . No knots. . The unique adjustment system ensures a secure hold in every position. . Can be re-adjusted in small steps at any time. . A simple, small jerk and the connection is released. Supplied with black plastic snakehead and olive green and black 6mm shock cord. Assembled in Yorkshire using quality parts. Please contact us, if you need further information on any of our products.

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