4m Towing Bridle Recovery Winch Extension Strap

    We manufactured this strap at the request of our customers who off-road for pleasure and also compete in their vehicles. They wanted a very strong strap that could be used as a towing bridle, as a recovery strap and winch extension. They wanted the strap to be fitted with hooks, instead of shackles, as this would save time during competitions.  The webbing has a breaking strain of 14 tons and the hooks are rated as 2 ton lift, with a safety margin of times seven (7 x 2 = 14).

    The end result of working with our customers is this 4m strap.

    Now manaufactured in even strong green webbing.

    Always wear gloves when handling this strap and we recommend that before using this product, you receive full training in its use. We accept no liability for any injuries caused by using this product.

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