19mm Snatch Block for 3/4" Capstan Winch Ropes

    19mm Snatch Block for 3/4" Capstan Winch Ropes. 

    This is the only lightweight swing open Snatch Block that we have been able to source that will work well with both our 3/4" Capstan Winch ropes. 

    This L R Bits capstan winch snatch block looks just like the and shares the majority of components with the commonly available 10 ton snatch block. We have had pulley wheel specially reground to accept 19mm Capstan Winch ropes. Using a snatch block can nearly double the pulling power of your winch and can allow the winch round corners, when the snatch block is secured off a tree or other fixed point.

    Only the Snatch Block is supplied.  4.5 Ton and 6 Ton Shackles are available in store.

    Always wear gloves when handling rope and we recommend that before using this product, you receive full training in its use and the use of your capstan winch. We accept no liability for any injuries caused by using this product.

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