Offgrid 100Ah LiFePO4 12v Battery with Smart Battery Management System & Bluetooth

    If you’re looking for a 12v LiFePO4 battery to fit in your Land Rover Overland camper, or any other camper, then the Offgrid OPS100 is a fantastic battery option for you!

    The Offgrid OPS100 is slightly small than a lead acid 100ah battery and can be fitted with the start battery in the underseat tool/battery Box on pre-2016 Land Rover Defenders

    The Offgrid OPS range of batteries are far better value for money than Lead Acid or Gel as it’ll last 3000+ cycles, versus the 200 to 400 that you’ll get from Lead Acid or Gel.

    This battery will give you a full 100AH of available 12v DC power for fridges, cab heater, etc, and has full bluetooth capability that allows you to see how much charge the battery has and to administer the Battery Management System. (A 100ah Lead acid battery has approximately 45ah of available power)

    Our batteries are assembled and supported by our UK-based expert offgrid power engineers.

    If you want a battery that has been tested and built by a UK  company and with UK technical support at the end of the phone, then this range of batteries for you!

    All of our OPS range of batteries come with a manufacturers 10 year warranty.

    OPS100 Specification

    Model: OPS100

    Voltage: 12v nominal (approx 13.5v charged & rested)

    Capacity: 105AH

    Max Discharge: 100A

    Max Charge: 100A

    Temperature range: 5°C min (charge), -40°C min (discharge)

    Weight: 12kg

    Dimensions: 260mm X 180mm X 260mm

    Other Details

    The manufacturer of the battery cells used in this battery (EVE) has stated that they are 105ah and based on our capacity testing, we can confirm this. They achieved slightly above 110ah, so we’re very happy with their performance based on our testing.

    Here are some details of the testing we performed on these cells:

    • Assembled battery tested to 110ah at a low C-rate of 30a using conservative settings on BMS (so the battery will last longer).
    • Assembled battery tested to 108ah at a high C-rate of 160a
    • Individual cells tested to 107ah to 111ah with cutoff at 2.5v (charged to 3.65v)
    • Terminal and busbar temperature rose to a maximum of 40°C when run at a high C-rate for 1.75 hours. That is about 20°C above ambient and very impressive.

    The cells were manufactured by EVE, which is a very reputable manufacturer.

    They are grade A and are brand new.

    Our technical team has fully top-balanced the cells to 3.65v.

    The cells are compressed to an optimal pressure using fibre tape with a plywood outer on either side of the battery bank, to ensure that we get the most life out of them. Compression results in reduced delamination of the internal electrodes and less stress on the terminals.

    The battery is built using a 200A JK Battery Management System (BMS) with active balancing & Bluetooth connectivity. There is a free app for both iOS and Android. The BMS protects the battery from charging too much or running down too much, and also protects against charging when too cold (less than 5°C). It also balances the cells and keeps them around the same voltage.

    The BMS has conservative settings to make the cells last longer:

    • 3.65v High Voltage Disconnect
    • 2.5v Low Voltage Disconnect

    At these settings, and because of the compression, we’d expect around 3500 cycles. This battery would last an average user a lifetime. It would last a full-time off-grid user ten years (charged every day).

    This battery will give you the equivalent performance of at least four (if not five) conventional lead-acid 100ah batteries.

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