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Expedition "Rocket" Camp Stove


The L R Bits Expedition Collapsible 'Rocket' Camp Stove is a simple, yet highly effective environmentally friendly wood stove. It is designed to be very easy to light, produce maximum heat, with minimum smoke and without any impact on the ground below it. This stove can be placed on directly on grass, be used to boil water, cook a meal and then burn all night to keep everyone warm with no impact to the grass below it.

The Rocket stove is also designed to cool quickly once finished with and is cool enough to pack away after only 5 minutes if sticks are being burnt. If cooking a meal larger timber can be used to slow the burn and reduce the heat slightly. Charcoal briquettes can also be used and 10 briquettes will give about 40 mins. cooking time. We have cooked for 8 people on this stove, with no issues. if we had a bigger pan, we could have cooked for more.


"Rocket" Stove with our Volcano Kettle


The L R Bits Rocket Camp Stove is ideal for bushcraft, for use on expeditions, Scout camps and overland travel. It packs up into its own purpose made waterproof bag (produced in Scotland) and easily stowed as it is not much larger than a OS map. Its small packed size makes it ideal as an emergency stove. When combined with a volcano/Kelly kettle, the stove can boil 1.5L of water in under 5 mins. The advantage of this stove is you can refill the kettle, refill the stove, and do it again and again. When wild camping, having plenty of hot water is a welcome luxury.

The L R Bits "Rocket" Camp Stove weighs 2.5kg and is manufactured in the UK from high quality Stainless Steel. The Rocket Camp Stove is extremely stable with a footprint of 14" (360mm). The Rocket Stove's main burner is 6 inches (150mm) in diameter. The Pan supports are 10.5 inches (270mm) wide and 15 inches (270mm) from the ground, making cooking from a camp chair a comfortable experience.

The stove transforms from approximately the size and thickness of an OS map into a stove standing 15" (27cm) high. The stove has been designed to be self supporting during assembly and solid when complete. There are no screws or bolts, just very good design.

Stove is supplied in it's own PU coated fabric bag, also manufactured in the UK.

Rocket Stove packed up next to OS Explorer

We are currently redesigning our volcano kettle to work even better with the L R Bits Rocket stove.

Please contact if you need further information.

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