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Kinetic Recevery Rope 8m

Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (KERR) is a very simple and useful piece of kit for the recovery of bogged vehicles.  This rope uses the Kinetic energy stored as the rope stretches, when towing vehicle moves forward, to spring the stuck vehicle out of the mud.  This is a much more effective recovery procedure as the towing vehicle is already moving before resistance is met.  Much less chance of getting both vehicles stuck and gentler on the stuck vehicle, than a solid strap.

These ropes are assembled by hand in Yorkshire and are professional quality with a breaking strain of 12 tonnes.

Warning: Only use these ropes on vehicles fitted with secure recovery points front and rear.  We also recommend using a towing strop/bridle fixed to two recovery points, to spread the load.

Always wear gloves when handling this rope and we recommend that before using this product, you receive full training in its use and recovery procedures.  We accept no liability for any injuries caused by using this product.



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