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about us
We are Land Rover enthusiasts first and foremost. We specialise in the design and manufacture of products for Defender and Series Land Rovers. We build specialist Overland and Expedition campers and bespoke Overland Trailers. We also specialise in the restoration and maintenance of all modern and classic Land Rovers. We manufacture many of the products we sell in our own works or source them locally from specialist manufacturers. We are constantly looking to develop new products and as time allows, adding them to the website. We do try and spend as much time as possible using our Land Rovers for work and for pleasure. We are outdoor people and much of the equipment we sell we have used on our adventures. I was a Boy Scout and have always lived by the Scout motto "Be Prepared".

We are proud owners of three Series 2a Land Rovers, which we use for work and pleasure :-
  1. 1963 2a Forward Control fitted with tipping body and Tico 1.9Ton hydraulic Crane

  2. 970 2a 88" which is a rag top in summer and a Station Wagon in winter.

  3. 1971 2a 109" Dormobile Camper.
We have owned several Defenders, Discoverys, Range Rovers, over the years. We currently own a 2005 TD5 Defender 110 with Drivelodge lifting roof. Fitted out with our expedition furniture and accessories

Awaiting restoration :-

  1. 1966 2a 109" Carawagon

  2. 1969 2a 1/2 Ton (Lightweight)

Please contact us if you think we may be able to help.

Above is our 1970 2a Dormobile in the Sahara Desert this May 2011, with our friends 1970 2a Carawagon behind us. 5200 mile overland test for the roof racks we make and the equipment we sell.

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