Camping Overland Folding Toilet Eco Bivvy Loo Green

    Camping Overland Folding Toilet Eco Bivvy Loo Green Unique portable toilet...strong and stable, folds away flat when not in use. For when you cannot dig a hole, this is the best portable hole we have found. We have traveled with 10 to 20L of liquid sloshing around in the back of our Land Rover for the last 10 years. Porta Potti’s are great bits of kit, but not really designed to be bounced around in a Land Rover. I have had to clean up the odd leak, so started a quest to find a dry alternative. We present you with our folding eco loo, which weighs less than 3Kgs and is small enough to be stowed just about anywhere. It is absolutely solid, rated to take 23 stones/150kgs. Very hygienic as the bags go over the whole unit and all the consumables are biodegradable Camping Overland Folding Toilet Eco Bivvy Loo has the following features: Comfortable Oval Seat. Folds Down to Just 2 Inches high. Patented Strong Steel Axis Frame - Supports over 23 stone. Weighs Only 2.4kg. Pops Up & Folds Down in Seconds. Hygienic & Clean. Zipped, Weatherproof Case with Carry Handle. Removable, Wipe-able Fabric. Includes 40 Biodegradable Wipes. Includes 12 Biodegradable Liner Bags. Includes 12 Sachets of Waste Managing Powder. refill packs are available within this shop. .

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